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Meet Shea, 'The Misfit Mama! 

Just a Mama, who embraces her quirks and yours! 

I always dreamed of being a Mother, but I didn't think it was in the cards for me. I turned my love for all things pregnancy-birth-and baby into a career though, starting my own photography business as a senior in high school, and by college I was pursuing my education in Doula trainings. in the past 8 years I have served so many wonderful families; capturing life's most precious moments for them, and being invited to capture and support them as they brought their son or daughter into the world and met them for the very first time. It has been such an honor! 

In early spring of 2021 I was blessed with the surprise of a lifetime, we were expecting a baby of our own! I had longed for this forever. I dreamed of beautiful self maternity portraits, and that pregnancy glow. I however struggled mentally and physically in ways I had never ever anticipated. My birth was a rollercoaster of emotions I had no time to sort through, and my postpartum period brought a wave of deeply rooted healing I never foresaw coming. As I came off my maternity leave; I couldn't help but feel it was time to combine both my passions into one, and dive deep into this work. While my journey was unique in it's own- so many others experience similar experiences. I am here to love them through it, and help support them in anyway I can. 


Your Doula & Photographer all in one place! 

A magically talented unicorn who combines their talents of doula skills; supporting an individuals pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. Along with utilizing their artistic talents of professional birth and newborn photography, to support and capture a families individual birth needs & experience. Combined, a doulatog' is the best of both worlds! It's a winning combination of a doula, providing pregnancy support, and a professional birth and/or newborn photographer!



Supporting and advocating for you from pregnancy to postpartum, and helping make your birth the most magical experience possible. 



Pregnancy, birth, & postpartum support + birth & newborn photography all in one! 



Let's celebrate this time in your pregnancy, birth, new bundle of joy- or maybe even just this current session in your journey through parenthood!

Now booking 2023 Newborn & Family Sessions

Capture the here and now with your family!

There is nothing more natural or more beautiful than what you are undertaking on this journey. 

Your body was made for this. 

You got this Mama.

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