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TheMisfit Mama's

Moms helping moms program

Welcome to the Misfit Mamma’s! This group is all about Moms throughout Connecticut coming together and forming a community of connecting, support, recourses, and most of all some extra love!

We all have experienced the ebbs and flows of motherhood, and I want to form a community that helps our fellow moms in need. Aside from setting up a donation fund so that we can sponsor local families to attend our events, we also accept donations of gently used children toys and clothing, as well as diapers and formula. When a fellow mama in need reaches out, we use those donations to set them up with whatever they might need for their family. Donate your gently used items, or donate directly through venmo at @CTdoulatog using the description #MHM

Parenthood is a journey full of ebbs and flows. Sometimes life hits us hard and knocks us off our feet. Lets come together to help other families in a time of need. 

Excepting Gently used Baby & child clothing & toys. 

Also excepting diapers & Formula

Clothes Donation

Has life knocked you off your feet a bit? Could you use some help? Please reach out. your community is here to help. 

The Misfit Mamas have your back!

No upcoming events at the moment
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