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"I do not care what kind of birth you have... a home birth, scheduled caesarean, epidural hospital birth, or if you birthed alone in the woods next to a baby deer. 

I care that you had options, that you were supported in your choices, and that you were respected."

-January Harshe


Birth Doula

Supporting you through your pregnancy and birth experience, offering support, education, validation, and advocation for you and your family. Every one deserves to have a joyous birth experience. one where they feel loved, heard, and supported every step of the way. 

Birth Doula Fee: $1,800

Includes 2 prenatal visits, birth support, and a postpartum visit, along with access to chat with me every day!


Postpartum Doula

Supporting you as you find your footing during the 4th trimester. light house keeping, education, support, and help with the littles while you sleep/shower are just some of what a postpartum doula can do to assist you as you navigate the 4th trimester! Offering day time and night time support options. 

Day Time Postpartum Doula:

 7am-7pm: 4 or 6 hour visits. $25/hr

Night Time Postpartum Doula:

7pm-7am. 8 or 10 hour visits. $35/hr 

Receive $100 off your maternity Session!

Book a maternity session with your DOULATOG' Package & receive a $100 off your session fee!

DoulaTog' Package


This package includes 

-Birth Doula Services 

(2) Prenatal visits

Birth Support

(1) Postpartum Visit 

-Birth Photography + Digital Gallery 


What Clients Say

Shea was so supportive at the birth of my daughter Emma Grace. I was overwhelmed with the pain and she understood that medication (an epidural) was something that I would want. She asked all the time if I needed anything or wanted anything. Got me ice and snacks when she thought I needed it. She did this so that my husband, Steve, could remain at my side as much as possible. She was intuitive and seemed to know when something was off.

She was also a wonderful advocate, as being in labor it's hard to speak what you feel or need from the staff. My husband had a want/need to catch our daughter when I started to push. Shea was the advocate for not just me, but for him as well. The Doctor coach him through bringing our daughter into the world, all because of Shea. It meant quite a lot to have her there. And I am extremely grateful that she was there. To double team with my husband in reminding me, "yes, you can!" when I was saying, "no, I can't!"

Telling us both that we were strong. That I was strong, when I felt so much like I was at my weakest.

Shea was a great guide, and a wonderful doula/coach to our family."

~Dale Luce ,  MidState Medical Center

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